Cleartastic PLUS Film - In Bulk Rolls

Cleartastic PLUS Film - In Bulk Rolls
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Product Description

Protect your Corvette or any make and model vehicle’s paint from rocks & road debris with Cleartastic Plus film!

Great for protecting Side skirts, the rear upward panel of the Zr1 side skirts, front splitters, spoilers, door sills (dragging feet) ........anywhere you think your paint is vulnerable!

Cleartastic PLUS is very flexible, super manageable allowing you to simply cut and apply it to almost anywhere to protect your painted finish!
Cleartastic PLUS creates an invisible barrier protecting your finish without changing or taking anything away from your beautiful lines & looks of the car! The new Plus film has a mild, safe adhesive which allows it to stay in place at great speeds and harsh weather conditions.

*Since this film is more manageable then other films, it makes for an easier application you can do yourself!

*Applying yourself saves you time and money!

*Practically Invisible!

*Unlike other films this clear tough film won’t cloud over time!

*Great for Competition applications and everyday driving!

*One time application provides years of protection.